The Woman Behind The Brand

Erin Wallace

Hi, I’m Erin. I’m a wife and mom, a creator and an entrepreneur and I’m so glad you found us here at Len + McAddy. To know why our products are so special, I’d love to tell you a little more about how we started.

When this all began, I was a businesswoman with more than 10 years of experience in corporate marketing & advertising under my belt. Essentially, I’d found myself in the role of analytical admirer by trade. Molding the message for popular furniture companies – my niche market – gave me the opportunity to train an eye for detail.

It wasn’t enough to simply create a comfortable space, I had learned to make the environments feel like home too.

The Story Behind The Name

As a busy wife and mother of 3, I ended up needing that tranquility more than ever when 2 of my 3 children were diagnosed with autoimmune diseases.

My world was completely altered.  There was suddenly a need to pay closer attention both to the things I was creating at work and offering my family at home.

I made the tough choice to say goodbye to corporate America and return home to care directly for my children. I found that meant fewer chemicals and getting rid of anything unnecessary. I cut through the clutter and reimagined my home as it should be: safer, less fuss and full of nothing but love.

And with that, Len + McAddy (the name, a combination of my 3 kids’ names) was born. It was a labor of love as I began to rely on my skills in business to show me a new way.

Candles as ambiance had always played a role in my marketing work in some of the biggest showrooms across the country.

I’d attended a number of the most popular trade shows in my field, of them High Point Furniture Market & the Las Vegas Furniture Market just to name a few. It was there I realized designers understood that marketing has everything to do with piquing the customer’s interests through their senses.

Len + McAddy Home Candle Co. Full Scent Collection
Len + McAddy Home Candle Co. Hand Soap
Len + McAddy Home Candle Co. Candle Collection

And so with a budding entrepreneur’s spirit, I decided to try my hand at being an artisan. But I focused on the sense that made sense to me: scent.

You see, lighting a good candle was always relaxing for me after a day of meetings at work. The right smell helped clear the air after hours spent running behind busy children and everyone knows how crucial aroma is in setting the mood for quiet time with the one you love. The dilemma though, was staying true to the health needs of my family. But I’m always up for a challenge, so I got to work.

Luxury Home Candles

Bringing The Brand To Life

I began whipping up delectable scents for family and friends. I shared my research and discovered there were many others who welcomed the same easy self-indulgences Len + McAddy Candles provide. In the end, I was able to sort my favorite creations into two categories.

One, the Home Collection, that allowed me to play into my decade plus experience with marketing & design and offer something that could be used either at home or work.

And the other, the Aromatherapy Collection, a pet project that spoke to my desire for the healing nature of scent and how it had impacted my family.

Mixing what feels good and what makes sense takes skill. And I use every skill I’ve acquired, along with my love for my own brood to create something that works.

Len + McAddy Candles is luxury through simplicity.

Len + McAddy is a small, female-owned business that promotes clean living at every turn.

Erin Wallace, Founder, Len + McAddy Home Candle Co.

These elements mixed with my keen intuition are what makes Len + McAddy products so unforgettable.

These scent combinations are sheer examples that getting back to basics just works. Len + McAddy fragrances are unpretentious and modest, clean and wholesome. Handmade care and quality ingredients play into the L + M appeal. Repeat customers say our take on traditional smells is both creative and refreshing. Humbly, I shine my light into each and every product.

These candles evoke fond memories and offer bliss in candle form, a scent-ual journey like no other.

Len + McAddy aromas are a purely natural scent sensation for your home and family.
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Non-toxic ingredients, soy waxes, pure essential oils and fragrances, mixed with the Founder Erin’s keen intuition, are what makes Len + McAddy products so unforgettable.

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